March/April 2001 - Art Papers

Reviews: Atlanta, Art Papers, March/April 2001, p. 36-37.


“Transcendent Moments” (September 8 - November 5) at Raymond Lawrence Gallery was a group photography exhibition.  Perry Kirk’s mixed photomedia imagery provided another example of photography’s integral role in contemporary art making.  The nude figure that centers Convexity Connectivity was created directly on photopaper and colored with a combination of chance and standard black and white chemistry.  Ted Haddock likes to record spontaneous sociological observations à la Dorothea Lange.  Depicting a couple of museum goers, his At the Hirshhorn is one of a black and white photo series that takes place in art institutions. Taking a fresh look at the urban environment, Jill Corson continues to discover depth in glass storefronts. Hers were the most compelling images in the exhibition.  Corson’s readymade color-drenched compositions describe the energy of the cities that she explores on foot – London, New York and San Francisco. Chinatown Hair Salon’s bright red calligraphy atop a reflection of multi-hued buildings captures a moment when vision presents itself in fractured layers. Neither gritty nor technological, such views expose beauty as seen by a visual romantic who uses the camera like a paintbrush.


— Cathy Byrd